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Combating SAD and Wintertime Blues

A person holding their head.

Season affective disorder (SAD) is considered a form of depression that is caused due to the change of season. The symptoms can last for a longer period or especially in the winters. The symptoms may include trouble sleeping, feeling agitated or lethargic, and difficulty concentrating.

One of the main causes of SAD is the change in our biological clock (circadian rhythm). The time of night and day change significantly during the winters making it hard for the people to adapt. However, there are ways to improve your energy during the winters and make you more active, such as changing your diet by incorporating super minerals into it, exercising, etc. Here are some other ways:

Make time Spent in Home Enjoyable

One of the reasons you don’t want to go out in the winter is the cold weather, and it can be hard to enjoy while trying to keep yourself warm. However, you can bring the fun at home; for example, if you have a family, then enjoy a movie night or start a new project that will keep you invested and distracted for some time.

Spend Time with Friends

Friends having fun in the snow.

Even though going out in the winters for work, school, or any social activity main seem like an obligation but leaving your house to spend time with your friends can allow a much-needed change of scenery. Furthermore, research has confirmed that having a social group you can talk to can combat depression.

Eating Healthy

Keeping your body healthy can also help improve your mental health conditions. Furthermore, it’s also been researched that some viruses are more active during the winters as they can thrive better in colder temperatures, making you more vulnerable. Though if you incorporate fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamins, they can boost your immune system.

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