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4 Habits of Highly Empowered Women

American women have fought tooth and nail to break the preconceived notions of our society. From Kamala Harris to Nancy Pelosi, we see badass females taking charge everywhere.

Keep reading as we explore the common habits of powerful women.

1. Bravery

While women may constitute half the human race, we’re hardwired to feel comfortable working as nurses, waitresses, assistants, teachers, social workers, or flight attendants. Anything outside that makes us pause.

Let’s face it: it probably takes some serious lady nutz (heh) for women to so much as drive a taxi for a living or enlist in the military. While the stakes aren’t as high today—thanks to women before us—you need courage to challenge the norm.

2. Voice

Powerful women are identified by their voice; the way they speak their unfiltered minds. They don’t stick to safe topics like the weather, but venture into the risqué by bringing up the tampon tax and sexist laws.

There is, however, a style to their dialogue and a flair to their approach that eludes most of us. Call it inherent charm, but if you look closer, they all have decibels in common. Instead of screaming, powerful women get their message across at a volume that draws cheers.

Back of a Woman Sitting on a Chair with Her Feet Propped Up on a Balcony Railing, and a Fresh Coconut Water Resting on a Table Nearby

3. Knowledge

A powerful woman draws her facts from a quantitative analysis of as many perspectives as possible. The modern woman reads because she lives by “knowledge is power” and sees ignorance as her kryptonite.

4. Diet

Sadly, our society is always quick to call out a woman’s errors, which is why the powerful ones can never be off their game. A balanced diet plays an important role in making sure they have their head in the game at all times.

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