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A Modern Woman’s Guide to Holistic Health

Holism is a whole-person approach to health; the term centers upon the idea that if even one part of a person’s mind, body, and spirit is neglected, the effects would extend far beyond that one part. Thanks to processed everything, that’s exactly where we stand today.

Ladies, here’s how you can bridge the gap between nutrition and your body’s requirements.

Vitamin D3

Two women on opposite ends of the world break a bone in their leg at the exact same time. Like any normal person, they both decide to shack up until the bone heals. By all accounts, they should’ve recovered at around the same time. Did they, though?

While a difference in nutrition and supplements could’ve played a vital role in their recovery time, their surroundings would’ve mattered, too. Put simply, the one who got more sun probably healed faster than the one who didn’t.

This is because the sun releases UVB rays, which in turn supplement us with vitamin D3: an essential nutrient for the bones, skin, immune system, and our overall wellbeing.

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A single tablespoon of liquid multivitamins for adults per day has the power to replenish any dwindling nutritional supplies and prevent vitamin buildup caused by pills, powder, or gummies.

While no replacement for actual food, organic liquid vitamins are derived from the food you consume. So, if you ever skip out on vitamin-rich grub, just remember to top-up with some liquid dosage.


Like vitamins, it takes a village of minerals to ensure holistic health and better prepare a woman for any variables, say pregnancy. They work with each other and other vitamin supplements to work for your body instead of against it.

You see, there are two kinds of minerals: some you need in excess and the others in moderation. When the order is upended, the results may be less than savory. Thus, active liquid minerals maintain the order of things, where the food you eat falls short.

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