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Be Kind to Yourself: 4 Ways to Put Your Mental Health First

It’s 2021, and the world as we know it has become a game of Dodge Master, with every person within two feet of us a bullet we must avoid at all costs. While it all sounds funny in retrospect, the direct effects on our mental health are anything but.

From stepping outside to taking your nutritional supplements, here’s how you can prioritize your mental health.

1. Take a Walk

You don’t have to suffer from claustrophobia to feel suffocated from the double whammy of working from home and looking after it, too. Now that we’re all devoid of pet sitters, dog walkers, and daycare to look after our little people and animals, our situation isn’t all that different from BBC Dad.

While hybrid work finds its footing, you might as well work with what you have and take a timeout whenever the stress threatens to overwhelm you. Pop outside for a couple of turns around your neighborhood, open a window, or simply sit on the patio for twenty minutes. Schedule a hike on the weekends to breathe in some fresh air instead of the ozone-laden pity you get in the city.

2. Time Out of Work

With most work systems accessible from home, it’s harder now more than ever to draw the line between work and personal life. Even if the work-life balance is truly gone, you can try to maintain a semblance of the old trend by flipping the mental switch every time you time out.

Take it a step further by keeping separate phones for work and home and switching off the former when you leave. Not only will this ensure productivity at work and home, but also prevent premature burnout at your place of employment.

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3. Don’t Skip Meals

The coronavirus pandemic has been the Freddy Krueger of dumpster fires. It’s upended our work hours to the point where a quick snack seems like a commodity. No matter how bad things get, don’t let this idea take root.

Instead of waiting to get off work to get fast food from the nearest drive-thru, prepare healthier alternatives on the weekends. Prepare mason jars of fruit salads or platters of superfoods that you can store and easily munch on while at work.

4. Turn Your “No” to NAH! With Premium Nutritional Supplements

Unhealthy snacks and fast food can be filling but hardly fulfilling. Falling short of your body’s nutritional requirements has been linked to serious mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression.

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