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Juvenile Fitness: How to Supplement Your Children’s Sporty Lifestyle

If your child is young and athletic, they need to be physically fit and healthy to reach their true potential. Kids who join sports teams need to work hard, so their muscles and bones are strong. In the US, 25 million scholastic and 20 million youth programs in different communities are there for children to join.

Many young athletes end up not focusing on the nutrients they require for good health. This can lead to weight loss, slow growth, and poor development of the body, along with illnesses, injuries, and poor performance. Here’s how you can supplement your children’s sporty lifestyle so they can continue performing their best.

Encourage Daily Physical Activity

If your kids aren’t going to team practice every day, or if they’re not playing their favorite sport every day, they might become physically inactive. Children require at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. So you can plan family activities every other day and play with your kids, either in your house or in a park. You can even go on a walk every day after dinner or go biking. You can make your children do house chores as well.

Mindful Eating

Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast. Just cereal is not enough for a sporty lifestyle. You can try scrambled eggs or an egg sandwich. Limit screentime during mealtime, so your kids focus on their food, whether it’s breakfast or dinner. Healthy beverages are a must to stay hydrated. Fruit drinks or punch can constrain a lot of sugar, so fresh juices and milk is great for children.

Don’t restrict their diet and allow them to have everything, from fat, protein, and carbs to fruits and veggies.


Snacking is great for young athletes. Don’t forbid them from snacking, although healthy snacks are encouraged. Cut up juicy fruits and crunchy veggies and serve them to your kids as snacks. Some kids might dislike bitter veggies, so serve them with a salad or dips of your kid’s choice.

Don’t Skip the Supplements

Many people discourage supplements for children, but there’s nothing wrong with taking dietary supplements to make up for the lack of some important nutrients in your children’s food palette. At NAH, we provide professionally formulated organic vitamins that give you and your children the energy boost you need.

We offer Liquid Vitamin C, B12 Energy, Super Multivitamins & Minerals, and Zinc Complex, and other multivitamins. Reach out to us today to buy organic vitamins online.

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