Things to Know About Vitamin C and Zinc

Things to Know About Vitamin C and Zinc

Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in the body by boosting immunity. You can find minerals and vitamins in some foods, but the quantity is minimal in most cases, regardless of the diet. Multivitamins help supplement vitamin and mineral deficiency in foods. Some components of womens health vitamins like Vitamin C and Zinc are crucial for promoting overall wellness.

The choice of supplement you go for depends on what the body needs. Supplements should only be ingested under a doctor’s recommendation to help maintain and improve health.

Things to Know About Vitamin C and Zinc

Vitamin C and Zinc come from different foods, making them quite hard to accumulate in adequate proportions in the body. They help with women’s health, so getting them in the right doses is necessary. Women’s health multivitamin products contain both components to supplement your diet.

This guide will evaluate where you can find vitamin C and Zinc alongside their properties. We also evaluate the benefits of Vitamin C and zinc.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid is among the most usable vitamins for physiological processes within the body. A stand-out property is that it is water-soluble, making it effective for protecting cells from free radicals. It helps to build healthy immune systems by stimulating the white blood cells. The effect is a boost in the body’s ability to protect itself against infections.

Common sources of Vitamin C include
• Citrus Fruits like oranges and lemons
• Red cabbage
• Dairy products
• Bell peppers
• Leafy vegetables (green) like spinach, Kales, and Broccoli
• Tomatoes

The body’s affinity to absorb Vitamin C is high, but most diets do not contain high amounts. Lack of Vitamin C in the body is dangerous since it results in a condition known as scurvy. Some of the symptoms of scurvy include loss of appetite and weight, fatigue, bleeding gums, and low resistance to infection.
Adults require more Vitamin C in their bodies to improve their immunity, so supplements are the best solution to fight deficiency.


One of the most common minerals in the human body is zinc. As a trace element, zinc can be found in nearly all cells and tissues in the body.
Zinc is a known antioxidant that offers the immune system a boost to help fight illnesses. The element also facilitates most of the enzymatic reactions within the body. By stabilizing enzyme reactions, zinc hinders the production of free radicals, helping reduce inflammation.

Some biological processes that zinc promotes include;

• Stabilization of cell membrane
• Wound healing
• Gene expression
• Perception of taste
• Bone memorization
• Brain and mental development
• Cognitive functions
• Fetal growth

The mineral is most important in women to ensure they stay healthy during pregnancy and promote the unborn child’s growth. It is also essential for kids to stimulate their physical and mental growth.

Common foods that contain zinc include:

• Whole grains
• Mushrooms
• Legumes
• Nuts like Cashew and ground
• Fortified cereals
• Dairy products
• Seafood including crabs, shellfish, and lobster
• Meat and poultry

Zinc deficiency can have undesirable characteristics since most of the body’s processes depend on it. Some of the common symptoms of lack of zinc in the body include:

• Low insulin production
• Low thyroid functions
• Delays in sexual maturation among young girls
• Impotence among women
• Weaker immunity
• Loss of the sense of taste

You can prevent zinc deficiency by consuming foods rich in zinc and taking supplements rich in the mineral.

Benefits of Vitamin C and Zinc

Besides being different elements, Zinc and Vitamin C have close to similar functions. When used together, they have immense benefits, especially regarding helping the body fight infections.

Here are some benefits of Vitamin C and zinc in the body;

1. Offer protection against infections

Your body is often battling illnesses and infections from the different bacteria. The immune system ensures that none of the bacteria cause serious disease in the body. Vitamin C and Zinc boost the immune system’s ability to fight illnesses, thus preventing them altogether.

The minerals are known to reduce the severity and length of a cold or flu. Most of the symptoms of cold-like infections are similar, but zinc and Vitamin C help alleviate the problem for faster healing.

2. Prevent vision loss

As we age, the eyes experience Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The effect is loss of vision which in some cases can result in total blindness.
Zinc and Vitamin C have antioxidant properties, meaning they reduce the risk of AMD among elderly persons. For younger women, the minerals prevent the formation of cataracts. Taking vitamin C and zinc supplements can help with eye disease protection.

3. Aid with wound healing

Having an open wound can be risky, so the body tries as much as possible to heal itself. The skin’s connective tissue is formed mostly of collagen – a product that requires Vitamin C to form. The vitamin easily improves the body’s ability to heal wounds such as cuts.

On the other end, zinc ensures the skin retains its strength even after a wound heals. The mineral also promotes the formation of mucous membranes to prevent skin ulcers when under the sun. as a result, the vitamin C and Zinc components work hand in hand to help with wound healing.

They Can Have Side Effects

Obtaining Vitamin C and Zinc from foods can be quite challenging since most of them have minimal amounts of these vital components. The best source for the elements is taking supplements.

Supplements offer a high concentration of vitamin C and zinc to ensure they are used within the body. Daily intake of supplements helps boost immunity, among other bodily processes.

You should only ingest supplements as per the dosage requirements. Your physician will recommend the right quantity for you, depending on your health condition. Avoid supplement intakes higher than the recommended dose since they can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Consider Womens Health Vitamins for Overall Wellbeing

Vitamin C and Zinc serve so many functions in the body. You should consider supplementing your diet to enjoy the different benefits of having the vitamins and minerals in adequate quantities. Womens health vitamins help improve wellness; choose liquid supplements to ensure faster absorption.

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