What Supplements Work for Pregnant Women?

What Supplements Work for Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy is a sensitive period that needs a lot of care. You must be cautious about everything you take when pregnant. Consider various womens health supplements to enhance your health and that of your unborn child.

The market is flooded with many supplements. Some will harm your health instead of boosting it. Consult a professional service like Nutz About Health about the best supplements to consume.

Best Supplements for Pregnant Women

Prenatal supplements will boost your immunity and make the entire pregnancy journey enjoyable. You won’t have to worry about various pregnancy or post-delivery complications. Many doctors advise women planning to get pregnant to start taking the supplements before pregnancy.

Here are some of the best supplements that can help you during pregnancy:


Women require calcium while pregnant. This mineral will strengthen the bones of your developing baby. It also plays a vital role in developing the baby’s heart and preventing congenital heart disease. Calcium helps develop a baby’s muscles and nerves and prevents future diseases like osteoporosis.

Pregnant women need nearly 1,000 milligrams of calcium every day. The amount of calcium a pregnant woman takes can also depend on age. Foods rich in calcium are cheese, milk, kale, and yogurt. Those interested in using alternative options to obtain necessary calcium should consider calcium supplements. NAH!'s liquid super mulitivitamins offer nutritional support, including for those who need to increase their calcium intake.

Folic Acid

Folic acid (or folate) is a B vitamin, which forms healthy cells in developing babies. The supplement develops the cells through DNA synthesis and reproduction of red blood cells.

Getting enough folate will protect your baby from neural tube defects like spina bifida occulta. Folic acids also prevent heart problems and anencephaly (a baby’s brain defect).

Pregnant women should consume at least 600 micrograms of folate every day. Bread, pasta, citrus fruits, cereals, and rice are common foods rich in folic acids.

Another option is to gather your intake using multivitamins. Our easy-to-take supplements are forged from a formulated blend of vital whole fruits and vegetables.

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is a fatty acid that develops the baby’s brain and eyes. Better brain and eye development enhance your child’s cognitive function.

The supplement also reduces the risk of maternal depression. Maternal depression happens as a result of mood disorders during pregnancy.

Deficiency in DHA increases the risks of preeclampsia and pre-term labor. Consume enough seafood like salmon, pollock, and shellfish—and other foods like milk, eggs, and orange fruits—to avoid such risks. Such kinds of seafood are also rich in minerals like zinc and iron. Women who also are interested in increasing their zinc intake while pregnant can take advantage of Nutz About Health's liquid zinc complex supplements.


One major change that happens during pregnancy is an increase in blood volume. Iron helps women meet the required amount of blood needed during pregnancy.

An increase in blood volume results in an adequate supply of oxygen to the developing baby. Oxygen plays a vital role in the development of the baby and placenta. Deficiency in iron increases the risk of prenatal anemia and infant anemia.

You need about 27 milligrams of iron daily during pregnancy. Taking more iron than recommended can have side effects like vomiting and constipation.

Breastfeeding moms require less iron. Iron-rich foods include red meat, beans, peas, poultry, pork, and spinach.

Vitamin D

Those who are pregnant should also take advantage of Vitamin D. The supplement will get enough calcium and phosphorous absorbed into your body.

Pregnancy comes with many health risks like hypertension, preeclampsia, and maternal depression. Vitamin D will protect you from such risks by strengthening your overall immune system.

Increased calcium and phosphorous absorption will strengthen the bones of your developing baby. Vitamin D also ensures the proper development of the baby’s heart and nervous system.

You can get the supplement from salmon, tuna, egg yolk, beef liver, soy milk, and supplements. Regular screening is crucial during pregnancy to check for vitamin D deficiency.


Iodine is an important mineral you need during pregnancy. The mineral helps make thyroid hormones, which develop the baby’s nerves, brain, and spinal cord (nervous system). Iodine will enhance your baby’s mental and psychological health.

There are several risks of iodine deficiency during pregnancy. Delay or retardation in the development of cognitive, motor, and psychological skills is a major risk.
Some sources of iodine are fish, iodized salt, bread, and enriched cereals. Our liquid super multivitamins will also provide a healthy dosage to those looking to increase their iodine levels.


Your gut health also matters during pregnancy. Probiotic supplements will improve your digestive health when pregnant.

A healthy gut will reduce the risk of constipation and vomiting. Taking adequate probiotics can also protect your baby from eczema.

The supplements can facilitate the production of stress alleviation hormones during pregnancy. Probiotics may also protect you from gestational diabetes and other post-delivery complications.

Buy the Right Womens Health Supplements

You must be careful when buying women’s health supplements when pregnant. Wrong supplements can cause more complications and risk the health and life of your unborn baby. While most of the supplements you require while pregnant exist in foods, it's often in small dosages.

Nutz About Health provides liquid vitamin supplements with all the nutrients our customers need for good health. Our supplements are here to ensure you get adequate amounts of exactly what you need. Some of our liquid vitamin supplements include Liquid B12 Energy, Liquid vitamin C, Liquid Zinc Complex, and Liquid Super Multivitamin and Minerals.

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