Why Should I Add Liquid Vitamins to My Diet?

Why Should I Add Liquid Vitamins to My Diet?

Liquid vitamins have a lot to offer. They can be an important part of your health regimen. You might be wondering what liquid vitamins can offer you, and why you should add them to your list of womens health supplements. There are so many benefits to adding liquid supplements to your diet, let's take a look at the most common.

Better Absorption of Nutrients

A great reason to add a liquid supplement to your diet is to better absorb nutrients in your body. Traditional vitamins are only partially absorbed in your digestive system. Only 5-18% of pills and capsules are absorbed by your body. When you take a traditional pill vitamin, it doesn't start working in your body until it's been digested. Even then, it is only partially effective at giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Liquid vitamins are more easily digested by your body. Liquids are easier to process for your digestive system, and your body can absorb up to 98% of the nutrients from a liquid supplement. This makes them more efficient than traditional pills. Also, your body starts to absorb liquid vitamins as soon as you take them. The mucus membranes in your mouth start to absorb the nutrients in your vitamins. You'll feel the effects of your vitamins quicker and get the full effect of the nutrients.

Benefits to Your Health

Cardiovascular Health

Your heart and lungs power your body. Cardiovascular disease is a common cause of illness and death in the United States, so maintaining your cardiovascular health is important to living a long and healthy life. Some supplements that may help your heart health are folic acid, magnesium, and green tea extract. All of these are found in our liquid multivitamin supplement.

Digestive Health

Poor digestion can be attributed to a number of things. It can be a sign of stress, a symptom of digestive health issues, or an indicator of poor nutrition. Giving your body proper nutrition can improve your digestive health. This, in turn, means you will better digest the supplements you are giving your body.

Immune Health

Our vitamins contain many ingredients that are great boosters for your immune system. Our liquid supplements include vitamin C, vitamin B12, and zinc. These are immune-boosting nutrients. Two proprietary blends of berries and vegetables also improve immune health and add antioxidants to your body.

Mental Health

You probably know that your body and mind are connected. Your physical health can have an impact on your mental health and vice versa. Having proper nutrition boosts your mood, energy levels, ability to focus, and memory retention.

It can be hard to get all the nutrients you need from your diet alone. That's why adding a liquid supplement to your diet can get you the vitamins and minerals you need. Having proper nutrition improves your general health, which can improve your mental health.

More Energy

You power your body with the food you eat. If your diet is not providing the nutrition you need, you may feel drained and tired. Adding a liquid supplement ensures that you're getting all the essential vitamins you need each day. If you have low energy levels, work with your doctor or nutritionist to find out if you are nutrient deficient.

Better Sleep

If your energy levels have been impacted by poor nutrition, your sleep probably is too. This can create a vicious cycle of low energy levels and poor sleep. Fatigue can be attributed to many reasons but is also a symptom of vitamin deficiency. You could see major improvements in your sleep if you fill the gaps in your diet and get the nutrition you need.

The Ingredients you Need, and Nothing You Don't

Our liquid supplements are made from natural ingredients. Whole fruits and vegetables are made into concentrated juices with a punch of nutrient power. These fresh ingredients are non-GMO and gluten-free, so they don't add any stress to your digestive system.

Our liquid vitamins also don't contain many of the unneeded things that are found in traditional vitamins. Pills and capsules often include ingredients like fillers and binders that are mixed with the nutrients you need. Tablets and pills might also include dyes that do nothing but affect the color of the pill and don't add to your health. If you take liquid supplements, you're also avoiding the coatings on pills that delay absorption.

Liquid Womens Health Supplements

Liquid supplements are a new way to get the vitamins you need. Vitamins have not changed very much since the first pressed tablets were made available. It's time for a new and better way to get the nutrition you need. At Mathew Brands - Nutz About Health, we've created liquid supplements that work with your body and benefit your health. Visit our site to learn more about your liquid vitamins and supplements.

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