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3 Things You Need to Know About Switching to Liquid Vitamins

When it comes to nutritional supplements, traditionally, most adults have picked tablets or pills for themselves and multivitamin gummies for kids. However, people are slowly gravitating toward liquid vitamins and with good reasons.

Taking a spoonful of supplements every day is not only easier than hard to swallow pills—both literal and meme generated—but they also absorb quicker and are great if you’re dealing with kids.

Here are a few other things you need to know when making the switch to liquid vitamins.

Liquid Formulas Are More Synergistic

This essentially means that within the options available in liquid mineral supplements, you’re likely to find more nutrients in a single blend than when you opt for pills. The nutritional value of each spoonful far outweighs what you’d get in a capsule or tablet.

Moreover, the liquid blend allows the addition of natural and herbal ingredients in the creation of complex yet beneficial compounds. You just can’t serve the same goodness in a small tablet.

They Don’t Have a Very Long Shelf-Life

A bottle of multivitamin pills can be used for over more than a year, depending on the brand you’re using. However, liquid multivitamins have a much shorter shelf-life. That being said, it’s actually an advantage.

Longer shelf life comes with a price in the form of artificial preservatives, bonding agents and stabilizers. However, liquid options, especially the organic natural supplements available these days come with a shorter shelf life, albeit, with healthier compositions.

Liquid Vitamins Are Super-Fast

We’re an impatient nation that’s always running out of time. We don’t have the time to sit around and wait for pills to act. Which is what make liquid supplements the ideal choice. In order for any medication or supplement to act, your body needs to break it down before it’s absorbed into the bloodstream to be transported around the body.

With liquid supplements, there isn’t much for the body to break down and digest. In fact, digestion begins in the mouth. The absorption is much quicker, leading to quicker results.

So, for instance, if you switch from vitamin B-12 tablets to liquid vitamin B-12 for energy, you’ll see a significant difference in the energy boost you get after the switch.

But if you’re switching to liquid super minerals, make sure to choose the best mineral supplement brand available.

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