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4 Powerful Ways to Cultivate Self-Love

Positive reinforcement makes you say “yes” to stuff where there isn’t even a reward at the end. It’s good to be good, but only when you get your priorities straight. When it comes to self-love, the ID always takes precedence over everything else.

From forgiving yourself to taking premium nutritional supplements, here’s how you can cultivate self-love.

1. Forgive, Forget, and Move On

Beating yourself up over a failure, mistake, or wrongdoing instead of learning from it won’t get you anywhere. At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself, and the best way to do that is by making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Another thing you could do to close that chapter of your life for good is to commit it to paper, turn said paper to confetti, and chuck it in the bin because well, it’s litter now, isn’t it? And so are your failures.

2. Give Closure, Get Closure

There’s a special place for people who go AWOL after the first date, especially after giving every impression of following up. They’re one of the major reasons being an adult sucks. There’s no closure, and this gives free rein to your imagination, which immediately goes, I must be flawed.

To counter these thoughts, practice complimenting yourself in the mirror daily. Over time, it’ll have a positive effect on your mental health. Secondly, don’t do unto others what you don’t want for yourself because discontinuing this toxic trend is the only way to fight it.

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3. Set Your Own Standards

This may sound a bit off-putting, but there will always be someone better than you. You encounter their posts on social media, look at their perfectly, tailored posts and think, what am I doing with my life?

To paraphrase Fredrik Backman in his book Anxious People, anyone can cultivate a pretty picture with enough fertilizer. This is even more relevant for social media, where people control what they want to air.

Instead of pursuing the life of a completely different yet equally flawed apple, you should be your own orange.

4. Be Nutz About Health

The most important part of self-love is self-care, and you know what actually makes all of the above easier? Quality vitamins, of course. From repairing DNA to building it and supplementing required nutrition, organic liquid vitamins can keep you physically and mentally healthy.

What are you waiting for, then? Shop nutritional supplements like the Liquid Vitamin C and Liquid Zinc Complex, or order liquid vitamin B12 for better bone, skin, and nail health.

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