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4 Ways to Sleep Like There’s No Tomorrow

Early to bed and early to rise may sound catchy, but how exactly are we supposed to achieve the latter when we can’t even catch the former? Work, student loans, not to mention curveballs like the pandemic have made all of us lose sleep one way or the other.

In today’s NAH! blog, we shall discuss how you can sleep like a baby despite these stress factors.

1. Create a Sleep-Worthy Environment

It takes three things to create a sleep-worthy environment:

  • Dark
  • Cool
  • Silence

Invest in some shades, heavy curtains, or an eye mask to get the dark down, but be sure not to look at light-emitting screens 20 minutes before turning in.

Next, make sure your room is just on the right side of cool. According to the Sleep Foundation, 65 degrees is the ideal room temperature, but you can move it around between 60 and 67 degrees.

Lastly, cinch that sleep with some voice-canceling earplugs to drown out all the noise.

2. Limit Caffeine to Wake up Bright and Early

We aren’t looking down on the many benefits of caffeine, but we’re totally side-eyeing all the late coffee drinkers. Why, you ask?

Well, you see, when you consume caffeinated substances late at night, your heart rate goes up, and so does your brain activity, which is why you might have trouble falling asleep for up to eight hours after the fact.

So, from now on, caffeine is something you should only have bright and early. And hey, there’s always decaf for those late afternoon cravings.

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3. No More Nightcaps

The Sleep Foundation warns against having alcohol four hours before bedtime. Do you know why? Because it has been linked to sleeping and hormonal alterations, such as snoring, sleep apnea, and just restless sleep in general.

Having a couple of drinks in the evening may not seem like much, but it goes to town on your sleep-wake cycle, causing you to stay awake when you should be asleep and vice versa.

4. Stock Up on Natural Organic Vitamins

This list would be incomplete without talking about the impact of vitamin deficiency on sleep. Indeed, not getting enough vitamin D, B12, E, C and skipping out on natural liquid mineral supplements might affect anything from memory to mental health.

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