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5 Common Signs of Vitamin Deficiency to Look For

When your heart’s not feeling its best, it sends out alerts in the form of angina pain or an attack. And if you have a bacterial infection, it’s often marked by fever and other significant symptoms.

But vitamin deficiencies, although extremely common, are usually not as prominent. Very often, you’d only find out about certain deficiencies through thorough blood work.

But in case your annual visit to the doctor’s office isn’t anytime soon, you can look out for these subtle signs of certain vitamin deficiencies.

In Your 20s But Your Bones Make You Feel Like You’re 80

It’s very common for the elderly to experience joint pain and discomfort in their lower back, but bone pain is concerning for those who’ve barely crossed their 30th birthday.

If you’re experiencing unexplained weakness and muscle and bone pain consistently, you probably have a vitamin D deficiency that will only get worse with time if not addressed.

Mouth Ulcers and Unexplained Rashes

No, it’s not cancer. If you have ugly cracks in the mouth’s corner and recurring canker sores, they’re probably because of a vitamin deficiency—specifically a vitamin B and iron deficiency.

Sometimes vitamin deficiencies may also show up in the form of unusual rashes on the body. Naturally, good blood work is necessary to be sure about what your body is trying to tell you.

Your Night Vision Is Getting Worse

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If you feel that driving at night is getting more challenging each passing day, it could be as simple as a vitamin A deficiency. Poor eyesight can be a huge inconvenience, but sometimes it’s easy to fix it with vitamin-A-rich foods like carrots and tomatoes, or you could just take liquid super multivitamins.

Acne That Your 20-Something Step Skin Care Routine Isn’t Able to Fix

If your acne is getting worse by the second despite your extensive skincare efforts, then perhaps the root of your skincare issues lies deeper than the skin’s surface. While hormonal imbalances usually explain acne, your diet plays a role too.

Vitamin deficiencies, especially zinc deficiency, could be the reason for your never-ending acne. So, consider buying a liquid zinc complex along with the sheet masks next time!

The More You Sleep; The Lazier You Feel

So, it’s always baffled us how most of our generation is always tagged as lazy, yet we’re always complaining that we don’t get enough rest. Perhaps the real issue isn’t a generational gap but a lack of nutritional meals, a sedentary lifestyle, and many vitamin deficiencies.

So, if you’re constantly feeling fatigued, you’re not lazy; you’re just deficient in vitamin B12 and perhaps vitamin D as well.

Although these are very subtle signs of vitamin deficiencies, they do tend to worsen and may sometimes also contribute to other diseases and ailments. This is why it’s essential to take liquid super multivitamins and other premium nutritional supplements regularly.

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