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Fall Fitness: 4 Tips and Tricks to Stay Up and at ‘em

When the season turns a corner, it threatens to take your hard-earned summer bod with you. Chilly weather, shorter daylight hours, and the temptation of pumpkin spice latte may be too hard to resist this fall, but resist you must.

Here’s how you can stay fit no matter what this fall throws at you.

1. Switch to a Fall-Friendly Activity

There are so many activities to indulge in this autumn, and while only a rare few are good for your physical health, they’re certainly a shade better than staying cooped up inside the gym.

Activities like rollerblading, bicycling, running the 5K, and playing touch football help you sweat out those cold-weather calories and promote sleep at the same time. What could you possibly need after getting your beauty sleep from burning off that excess energy? Spoiler alert: nothing.

2. Curtail Your Alcohol Intake

Though highly debatable, moderate drinking means having one glass of alcohol per day, which is the recommended intake for those hoping to reap its benefits.

In the fall, however, you need to start watching your calories like a hawk on a diet. One glass of liquor without soda, syrup, and other addons contains anywhere between 100 and 150 calories.

Moreover, the beverage has been known to increase your appetite for food, which is not something you can afford in this season. Short of going cold turkey, we suggest you curtail your intake to three glasses a week. To make it easy on yourself, start weening off in the days leading up to the colder months.

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3. Consume Seasonal Produce

Eating seasonally has several benefits for your physical and mental health. In-season produce doesn’t just taste better than off-season produce, but it also contains more premium nutrition that your body needs to function properly.

But not just any seasonal produce will do. You need to get the freshest, most local fruits and vegetables for your autumn nutrition. Visit a farmer’s market or local grower in your area because their produce is unlikely to have traveled long distances, and you should be set for the season.

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