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Girl Power-ed By Essential Supplements! —Everything You Need to Know About Essential Supplements for Your Health

Women are pretty phenomenal in every field and on every front. Most have a natural tendency to do their best in every role and situation.

But to do one’s best, one needs to feel their best too. This means showing yourself some love and care every chance you get. From power dressing to investing in skincare, a girl needs her gear to make an impact. But protection on the outside isn’t enough; as women, we need inner protection too, which is what makes nutritional supplements a must-have!

Generally, human bodies do evolve over time, and this is true across genders. However, women experience distinct changes when it comes to their bodies and biological health. And therefore, they require different nutritional supplements at different stages in life.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to charge yourself at every age.

Essential Vitamins and Minerals Needed by Little Girls

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When it comes to children, their nutritional needs are usually the same across genders. Pediatricians will usually recommend the same children’s super multivitamins and minerals for both boys and girls.

However, some children may have nutritional deficiencies or other health conditions that require special consideration. For instance, some of the most common nutrient deficiencies in children in the US are calcium, iron, folate, magnesium, potassium, fiber, and vitamin D and E deficiencies. So these children may need specific supplements to make up for it.

But in general, certain nutrients can be toxic for children when given in huge quantities, for instance, iron. So, most children’s vitamins don’t contain any such nutrients at all, making them safe and healthy.

Moreover, it’s a good idea to steer clear of artificial flavors and coloring when choosing multivitamins for your little girl. NAH! ‘s liquid children’s super multivitamins and minerals are a great choice since it’s made from all-natural ingredients.

Ideal Supplements for Girls in Their Teenage Years

Teenage girls aren’t exactly known for their healthy eating patterns. While many are typical teenagers indulging in greasy fast food, sodas, and desserts, the rest are supremely weight conscious, following unhealthy weight-loss diets. One thing common, though, in both groups is that both are losing out on the nutritional front.

This is more concerning since girls' bodies in their adolescence are evolving due to the beginning of their menstruation cycles. This is the time when girls are growing faster than at any other point in their life and are therefore extremely vulnerable to nutritional deficiencies.

In general, most teenage girls require extra protein, iron, folate, omega-3s, and some other micronutrients at this life stage.

Supplements That Can Make A Difference in Your 20s

This is the age where most women are diving headfirst into their studies and careers, which may leave little time for focusing on health.

However, the 20s are a transitionary period where you aren’t exactly a child, but you’re not exactly an adult either. So, the requirements for essential supplements at this age remain more or less the same as when you were a teenager or what you’d take in your 30s.

This means high doses of vitamin A, an adequate intake of vitamin K, a slight increase in iron intake along with the required doses of other micronutrients.

The 20s are also a great time to start anti-aging efforts to preserve what you’ve already got. So, for instance, ensuring an adequate intake of vitamin C can help maintain collagen levels to counter the effects of aging on collagen production.

Supplements for The Biological “Childbearing Years” — 30s

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The 30s are considered to be the child-bearing or reproductive years for women. But whether you decide to get pregnant or not, your body does go through changes that can be helped by essential supplements such as folate, iron, and antioxidants like vitamin C and E.

Folate, which is also known as folic acid, is especially essential for women planning to give birth. It can help maintain your health during pregnancy and is known to support cell reproduction and brain health. It can even help your mood!

Iron deficiencies are also prevalent amongst women in their 30s. Especially the ones who’re not fond of meat or are vegetarian. They are also present in pregnant women and those with a heavy flow during their menstrual cycles.

And antioxidants like vitamin C and E should be continued in the 30s to strengthen immune systems and fight early signs of aging.

Entering 40s — Vitamins to Prepare for Pre-Menopause

The big 4-0 may bring with it a lot of maturity and milestones but also its fair share of new nutritional needs. This is the time when most women start experiencing hot flashes marking the distant arrival of menopause.

It’s the ideal time to consume omega-3 fatty acids to boost overall health and immunity, especially brain and heart health. Moreover, taking vitamin B-12 for energy is a good idea during this time. Because, let’s face it, without it, you’re not going to feel as energetic in your 40s as you did during your 20s or even 30s.

Essential Support During Menopause — The Grand 50s

Just as your body goes through immense changes when you start your menstruation cycle, it goes through incredible changes again when you hit menopause. But nutritional supplements can make a huge difference during this time when the aging process is hitting one hard and estrogen levels start falling like never before.

B vitamins are crucial during this stage of life as research shows that they can lower the risk of many health-related conditions that affect women in this age bracket. Moreover, there’s a high risk of vitamin B12 deficiency that needs to be combatted with supplements.

Vitamin D and calcium supplements can also be taken at this age to support bone health since the decreasing estrogen levels increase the chances of developing osteoporosis.

Essential Vitamins for Rocking Old Age — 60 Onwards

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This is the age where you reach a make or break point in terms of your heath. Taking essential supplements now can still make a difference to your quality of life even if you’ve never opted for them throughout your life.

Vitamin D supplements especially act as your ultimate support as you age. This is because they help to maintain your aging bones’ health as well as muscle mass— you absolutely do need it if you plan on staying physically active in your later years.

Besides vitamin D, you also need liquid vitamin B12 for energy since, very often, older individuals may find it harder to absorb B12 from foods. Zinc supplements are also essential at this age to protect one’s vision and fight inflammation and infections.

Most of the time, women find themselves in roles where they’re taking care of others as mothers, wives, daughters, and friends, which is great but leaves little time for them to look after themselves.

In order to keep being fabulous, it’s crucial to start taking better care of yourself. This means ordering the best liquid organic vitamins for yourself today!

In our fast-tracked, busy and beautiful lives, our bodies may not have the time to break down capsules and tablets to release the nutrients stored within, so liquid mineral supplements are your best bet.

So, head over to our online liquid super minerals store and order everything your body needs at the moment.

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