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How to Choose the Best Multivitamins for Your Kids

Choosing to give your kids multivitamins in the first place is a challenging decision. Some doctors will tell you they’re not necessary; others will tell you the exact opposite. But once you finally do decide to give your child multivitamins, a bigger question awaits: What multivitamins should you opt for?

Should you choose the yummy-looking gummy bear ones, or are the unflavored children’s liquid vitamins a better choice?

Here are our top tips to help you choose.

Look for Multi-Vitamins with All-Natural Ingredients

Multivitamins are supposed to be dietary supplements meant to support growth and better health. But ironically, some designed for children have sweeteners, artificial colors, and other additives that are unnecessary and toxic for their health.

So, as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to stick to organic vitamins made from natural fruits and vegetables. This will also save you from the trouble of reading extensive labels trying to navigate your way through various artificial ingredients.

Look for The Ones That Cover the Daily Requirement for Key Vitamins and Minerals

It’s important to remember that, unlike adults, children’s daily required intake changes pretty quickly. So, it’s essential to make sure that the children’s multivitamins you pick have adequate doses of all the key vitamins and minerals for their age.

Try and find a multivitamin that has the maximum number of key mineral doses such as calcium nitrate, zinc citrate, vitamin C, folic acid, and iron glycinate.

Buy Multivitamins That Your Child Would Actually Be Willing to Consume

The chances are that you’ve decided to give your child dietary supplements because you can’t get them to eat enough healthy food. So, if your child is picky, you won’t get very far with foul-tasting chewable tablets.

Make sure the multivitamins you choose would be happily consumed by your picky kid. But since most options that would be attractive to kids contain unnecessary artificial additives, tasteless liquid vitamins for toddlers are your best bet.

At NAH!, we have liquid children’s super multivitamins & minerals that your child will love. Not only does it taste delicious, but it’s also completely natural.

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