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Practicing Self-Love When You’re Feeling Self-Critical

Nitpicking our own flaws is extremely easy; we often become our own worst critics. We tend to scrutinize ourselves more than we should — reminding ourselves of our failures, weaknesses, and more. If you find yourself doing this too often, you need to learn how to change your perspective the critic in you wakes up.

Practicing self-love in a self-criticizing situation can be extremely overwhelming — not everyone can stop themselves from pointing out their own flaws. It takes a lot of courage, and strength to remind yourself how worthy and important you are. If you’re struggling, here are a few tips you can use to practice self-love in moment of self-critique.

Look for the Positives

Every time you start to doubt yourself, you need to pause for a few seconds and start looking for the positive things. Even if it is as little as you liking your haircut, or the color of your eyes. Being able to remind yourself of the good in you will help keep you afloat even in times you feel your worse.

If you can’t find a positive thing about yourself, try to fetch a positive for the situation around you. Look for positive people, positive material around you, and focus on that.

Be Grateful

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On the previous note, you also have to start being thankful for the little things in life. Instead of complaining about major problems, start being grateful for everything you think is right. You can begin by being grateful for your health, family, the money you earn, and the food you eat.

It can be as small as being grateful for a sunny day. Being grateful and thankful will make you realize how much more your life is worth.

Start with Forgiveness

The greatest thing you can do as a sign of self-love is to forgive yourself for the flaws you think you have. Forgive yourself, and learn to accept whatever shortcomings you have. Being able to forgive yourself will give you the power to let go, and criticize yourself less.

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