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The Differences Between Organic and Artificial Supplements

Supplements have been around for ages and are a great way to infuse additional nutrients into your body, especially for those who suffer from vitamin deficiencies. But the thing about artificial supplements is that they come with their own set of risks. They are also needed to be monitored when being taken along with other medication. Organic supplements, on the other hand, are natural. They are derived from plant or animal-based sources. Here are a few other differences between organic and artificial supplements.

How Are Supplements Derived?

Supplements are derived from a number of sources, depending on their composition. For synthetic supplements, the ingredients are mostly created in a lab. This is why these supplements lack co-factors and transporters that are found in natural vitamins and minerals. As a result, these supplements are not absorbed effectively by your body.

With organic supplements, the case is different. These supplements are derived from natural plant or animal-based sources. That’s why they retain many of the vitamin’s original properties, such as better absorption and higher nutritional value. They also don’t have added sugars or artificial flavoring. This is why they’re good for pregnant and lactating women.

What Are Their Benefits?

Supplements are generally designed to fill the gaps in your immune system created by the lack of nutrients. For synthetic vitamins, they are generally less expensive and easier to obtain; around 90% of all supplements sold are synthetic. You’re also only required to take a single pill or dose in a day.

With organic supplements, you need to take several doses in a day. This may seem a bit too much, but sometimes, smaller doses are better for your health. Not to mention that these organic supplements are derived from natural resources and contain transporters. These allow the vitamins to be absorbed properly by your body.

What Are The Risks?

Sometimes, these supplements aren’t regulated strictly enough and can contain chemicals that are not safe for consumption. Synthetic supplements can increase your body’s fat tissues and are generally delivered at a higher dose than your body can register. Prolonged use can lead your body to develop issues in absorbing regular nutrients from food sources because it’s used to getting higher doses.

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