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The History of Vitamins: What You Need To Know

"Take your vitamins!" is often advice that's touted to us everywhere, from parents to doctors' offices, to advertisements and health and wellness platforms. It's advice that we've come to internalize, looking for the best natural and organic vitamins that we can use daily and add to our diets.

But how did vitamins become so popular, or really, come to be the way we know them today? Let's go over the history of vitamins:

Research began in the early 19th century

Interestingly, the idea of vitamins was well researched by biochemists and nutrition experts in the early 19th century, as they continued to identify different varieties and types. From the water-soluble Vitamin C to the fat-soluble Vitamin A, these scientists and researchers continued exploring and discovering several types of these substances over the next several years.

They were named just over a century ago

However, it was in 1912 that the term "vital amines", which shortened to "vitamines" and eventually "vitamins," was coined by the Polish-born biochemist Casimir Funk. Funk's funky discovery and his term for them caught on pretty quickly, and these vital amines were studied even more closely for their nutritional importance.

Within a few years, companies launched various "vitamine" concentrates and supplements and other related products without really getting approval from the AMA.

A plate full of vitamin pills for easy consumption and use.

They became popularized during the 1940s

It's only when the Roosevelt government was in power in the post-war U.S. that vitamins were cheaper and easier to synthesize and manufacture, thus making them an essential part of the American diet. They became more commonplace as people began using them as part of their daily intake, and boom. The vitamin and supplement industry began to blow up for years and eventually grew into what we know it to be.

Vitamins as we know them have evolved

There's no denying that vitamins have continued to evolve. We now have more complex formulas, more exciting marketing strategies, experimentation with form, and several buzzwords that define our relationship with vitamin supplements. But despite the naysayers, we know that routine use of the right vitamins, whether orally, sublingually, topically, or even intravenously, can improve your health significantly. The benefits outweigh any potential cons and shortcomings to be missing out on the wonders of modern supplements.

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