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Liquid B12 Energy

Liquid B12 Energy

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Made in the USA

Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

Forged from Whole Foods

A naturally focused formula designed to increase energy and stamina as well as the added benefits of healthy hair, skin, and nails. A healthier alternative to caffeine, Liquid B12 is an easy way to boost your energy with just a spoonful of NAH.

• Everything you need, nothing you don’t: Essential vitamins without the extra fluff
• Natural Wellness Support– Energy, healthy hair, skin, and nails
• A 32 day supply of easy to take single tablespoon servings
• Liquid vitamins have quicker absorption than pills, powders, or tablets
• Forged from Whole Foods – Pharmacist formulated blend of whole fruits & vegetables
• Always Gluten-Free & Non-GMO
• Focused Vitamins with Focused Benefits – Specific support for nutritional deficiencies of B12

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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Kelle Kennerly
More energy

I really needed to add the B12 because I was feeling fatigued... I am pleased with both multivitamin and B12 the taste is good and the results has been to I have been taking them for about 6 months now

Gives Me energy!

I took this product at the beginning of my shift at work and I had energy and felt great.

Debbra Manis
Wonderful/No jitters

I tried so many different B12 products through the years. Every one I tried either gave me the jitters and or they would upset my stomach. NAH B-12 doesn’t do either of those. It is wonderful!

jessica norris
Good taste& Gave me energy!!

I like how it taste an it did give me energy throughout the day! I will continue to take and buy other vitamins too!’

Delorice Beamon-Scott
Great Energy

This has been so good for me. It's a game changer. I have just enough energy to get though my work day and some. Love the liquid instead of pills. It's easier to take. Thanks!😊